What happened, Mets?


World Series Royals Mets BaseballIt does not seem like the Mets were in the World Series just a few years ago. In just 2015 the Mets swept the Cubbies to reach the World Series (Kansas City would win in 5 games). Fast forward to the beginning of June, 2018 and the Mets are 27-33 and have lost 7 in a row. The team is just burning to the ground… along with there stadium. Let’s take a journey and see how and why the Mets now suck.

2015 was a promising year for the Mets squad. The perfect mix of pitchers (Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, and Noah Syndergaard) and hitters (Curtis Granderson, Jeurys Familia, and Yoenis Cespedes). They knew they were contenders, that’s why the traded for Cespedes. In the NLDS they squeaked by LA 3-2. Cruised by the Cubs with a sweep, then got beat in the World Series.

Now going into 2016 they had reason to believe they should be decent again, and that they were. The Mets managed an 87-75 record, but would be beat in the NL Wild Card game to the Giants. 2017 was a major down year. They would go 70-92, which was there worst record since 2009 win they posted that same record. That team had a lot of the same players as the 2015 roster with made me wonder how they could be that bad.

Now in 2018. They didn’t come out of the gates too bad, starting a solid 15-6, including a 9 game win streak. They were looking like they were on the right track. Then came May, a very long month for Met’s fans. They would post a 10-18 record, and thus begs the question, what happened? They have a pretty decent roster. Is it because they or old? Inconsistent? What? They aren’t completely out of it yet, sitting only 8 games back in the NL East, but they are definitely on there way down this season. Will they turn it around? Or will they throw in the towel like Lebron James in Cleveland?

Mets fans have just about given up.


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