Top 10 Names From the MLB Draft

Make no mistake — I don’t care about the draft. People like to hand out draft grades, which is absurd. You cant make a reasonable assessment of these kids for at least 2-5 years. You wanna know my draft grades for this year? Every single team gets an A for not drafting convicted child molester, Luke Heimlich.

Instead, I’m going to give you the 10 best names in the draft. Because, when 30 teams pick players for 40 rounds, there’s bound to be some odd ones. Side note: a ton of dudes named Hunter got drafted this year.

10. Matt Frisbee- Giants P, RD 15- Who’s last name is Frisbee? I know nothing about this guy, but I know I want to have a beer with him and toss around his namesake.

9. Gio Dingcong- A’s 1b, RD 31- His nickname better be Dingdong.

8. Zachary Hammer- Mets P, RD 21- He’s on this list because of the team he was drafted by. The Mets have Syndergaard, who’s nickname is Thor, and now they drafted Thor’s hammer.

7. Keegan Fish- Marlins Catcher, RD 13- Again, this has to do with the team that did the drafting. Fish got drafted by the fish.

6. Cannon King- White Sox 2b, RD 37- STRONG name. King of the Cannons.

5. Cre Finfrock- Blue Jays P, RD 29- This name makes no sense. Just say it out loud. Absolutely love it.

cre finfrock
Put this picture in here because of how extraordinarily normal a guy named Cre Finfrock looks.

4. Gunnar Troutwine- White Sox Catcher, RD 9- GUNNAR TROUT WINE. Feel like there’s nothing more to say.

3. Lars Nootbaar- Cardinals OF, RD 8- Lars is a wild first name to have in the year of our lord 2018. Nootbaar is an even wilder last name. Do it to it, Lars.

do it to it lars
I really hope you get this reference.

2. Brock Deatherage- Tigers OF, RD 10- I’m terrified of this man. His last name is DEATH RAGE.

1. Owen Sharts- Rangers P, RD 32- I mean, c’mon. We all knew this was gonna be number 1. And as my wife pointed out, he’s one of the few people who’s name is a complete sentence. Owen Sharts.

HONORABLE MENTION: I had a very hard time omitting some of these.

Travis Swaggerty (Pirates), Trevor Casanova (Twins), Jake Slaughter (Cubs), Edmond Americaan (Cubs), Hunter Wolfe (Royals), David Lebron (Rangers), Bobby Honeyman (Mariners), Kumar Rocker (Rockies)

A lot of strong names in the 2018 draft. I’m sure I missed some, so holler at me on twitter @GSPTcal and let me know what I forgot!

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