Are the Dodgers for real?

After starting 16-26, the season already looked lost for the Dodgers. While the Dodgers kept losing in April, it almost looked like either the Diamondbacks or the Rockies would be the only two teams competing for the NL west crown come September.

Since the Dodgers 16-26 start, they have been scorching hot! Winning 17 out of the last 23 games. We all knew the Dodgers wouldn’t just lay down and take defeat this early in the season. Here are the NL west standings at the moment:

Diamondbacks: 35-29

Giants: 33-22, 2.5 GB

Dodgers: 33-22, 2.5 GB

Rockies: 32-33, 3.5 GB

Padres: 31-36, 5.5 GB

The NL west was arguably the best division in baseball during the 2017 regular season last season. The real question is, can the Dodgers repeat their success from last season? They have certainly been hit by the injury bug this season.

If the dodgers wanna keep in contention with the NL West, and even contend for the World Series again this year. They will have to make a lot of trades before the trade deadline. Filling Corey Seagers spot in the lineup will be a hard hole to fill, but don’t the Dodgers always find a way? They have Justin Turner back, and Matt Kemp is tearing it up this year. Yes, I said Matt Kemp. It seems that putting him back in a Dodger uniform has recharged him as a player.

The worst scenario for the Dodgers is they miss the playoffs this year, and they will have a team that was almost unstoppable in 2017 when healthy back in 2019. I wouldn’t worry just yet if I was a dodgers fan, keep an eye on the Dodgers around the deadline. It will be an interesting to see how the Dodgers respond to the injuries, and what they’re willing to do to become competitive this season.


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