Just from the title, if you’re a true Cubs fan I’m sure you 100% understand what it means. Truth be told, the Cubs have struggled to find a leadoff man to bring a spark out of the gate. After losing Dexter Fowler in free agency, many wondered who would be the Cubs leadoff man. In the 2017 season, Joe Maddon experimented with many different leadoff guys. Kyle Schwarber, Anthony Rizzo, Jon Jay, and Ben Zobrist are among some of the names who batted leadoff for Chicago last season. The Cubs went into the 2018 season with the same problem, who was going to bat leadoff? To this very day, Joe is still experimenting with the leadoff spot, but deep down we all know who should be batting leadoff for the Chicago Cubs. ALBERT ALMORA JR.

Albert Almora Jr. has hit in the leadoff spot many times this season and he’s provided a tremendous spark every time he’s stepped foot on the field. Almora Jr. has been in the Cubs organization for 6 years, making his big league debut June 7, 2016. Albert is only 24 years old, and still has so much potential to get better offensively & defensively. Whenever Almora steps on the field or up to bat, he gives off a vibe that gets you excited to see what’s going to happen. From his amazing catches, to his clutch leadoff doubles. We’ve watched Albert make so many spectacular catches that it seems almost normal to us, we just add it to his highlight reel.

Although, Albert has been doing very good this season, manager Joe Maddon still hasn’t made him an everyday player. Albert Almora Jr. is batting .317 with 2 HR’s, 15 RBI’s, and an OPS of .809. Albert has truly shown that he belongs in center field and in the starting lineup everyday. Fans on twitter even came up with the hashtag #FreeAlmora to show support for Albert. There’s no question the excitement and stability he brings to the lineup, I’m starting to wonder, when will Joe realize what’s right in front of him?

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