The Yankees Have a Problem, What Are Their Options?

The Yankees have a problem? The best team in baseball has a problem? Yes they do. This weekend the Yankees faced the Mets at Citi Field (Yankee Stadium 2.0) and came away with 2 wins out of 3. In the first game of the series, pitcher Masahiro Tanaka was injured tagging up and eventually scoring a run. He somehow strained both hamstrings and was placed on the DL. According to the Yankees, there’s a chance he may not return until after the All-Star break. Tanaka should never have had to run, but that’s an argument for another time. With Tanaka hurt, joining Jordan Montgomery who will be out for possibly another full season the Yankees rotation is not looking great. Their rotation now looks like this:

Luis Severino

Sonny Gray

CC Sabathia

Domingo German


The Yankees have not named who the new starter will be and it doesn’t look like it will be an external option. To be fair, the rotation has not been that bad. Severino is going to be a CY Young candidate again, Gray looks like himself again and CC looks pretty good for a 37 year old lefty. But still, this rotation needed help when healthy and now they really need help. The Yankees offense is also helping the pitching out while scoring tons of runs. Yankees GM Brian Cashman will be getting a starter in July, but who will it be? Lets look at some potential candidates.

Danny Duffy

Danny Duffy- Peter Aiken

This probably wont be the Yankees first option, but he will be available. Duffy is 3-6 with a 5.28 ERA and has really took a step back in his career. Duffy was a solid starter for most of his career in KC, which is a sign he could find it again and possibly with a new team?


Tyson Ross


Ross is one of my personal favorite options. He has a 3.43 ERA and a very good contract for his production this year. According to some people the Yankees have been scouting his starts. Definitely a pitcher on their radar.


Cole Hamels

cole hamels

Cole Hamels seems like the most likely option for the Yankees. I am indifferent about this. The Yankees believe they can tweak some mechanical things to improve. But for a guy who has seen his better days and is highly overpaid for his play, i’d like the Yankees to go another route.


Chris Archer


Now we are getting to the unlikely options. Archer could very well be moved. The Rays are… not very good and should try to trade the few pieces they have to rebuild their farm. Just don’t think they would trade him to the Yankees. Even though they would probably get the best offer from there.



Madison Bumgarner


This option all depends on where the Giants land around the deadline. I compare their situation the 2015 Yankees. Bridge playoff team, old veterans. some big trade pieces. The Yankees were in the playoff race until late July where they eventually sold and it worked out great for them. If the Giants are in that situation, I would consider trading the best postseason pitcher ever to a team that will make the postseason. The Yankees obviously have the prospects to make the deal. This should be something to watch.


Noah Syndergaard/Jacob DeGrom

noah and degrom.jpg

I’m not saying both but one of them. This is less likely than Bumgarner and Archer combined. The Mets do not seem to be shopping them, especially not to their crosstown big brothers. The Mets will probably ride out their team control years, try and win and then if they don’t, ship them in a few years. Whether it is this year or in a few years, the Mets can absolutely stack their system if they trade them. Not an awful idea, just highly unlikely.


The Yankees have options, just their best options don’t seem to be on the market. I think Cashman is going to wait as long as possible to see if anyone eventually becomes available because even with these injuries, he is not panicking.

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