Who Should Be the Cubs 5th Starter?

First let me start by saying, what a hell of a game last night. Let’s keep that rolling.

Now, onto the article. When Yu Darvish was hit with an injury, it forced the Cubs to mix up the rotation. They slid Chatwood to the 4 spot in the rotation, and put Montgomery in the 5th spot. Well, Monty has kicked some ass in that spot. Since being bumped to a starter Monty has posted a 1.05 ERA while striking out 10, walking just 2 and giving up 11 hits. Safe to say he is making the most of his opportunity.

Tyler Chatwood, on the other hand, has struggled… but he hasn’t been awful. Tyler is 3-4 on the year with 58.1 innings pitched, 53 K’s, And has posted a 3.86 ERA. Sounds pretty good until I tell you he has issued 56 walks and hit 3.

Many people are saying Chatwood should be sent down now that Rosario is back. I don’t think he should be sent down. Other than his walks, he hasn’t been bad. I’ll take a 3.86 ERA from a 5 starter. Say what you want about him, but he cares, he wants to be better, and hasn’t been awful.

Now once Darvish is healthy and back in the rotation, I wouldn’t mind seeing Chatwood sent to the bullpen rather than Monty. I’ll live with whichever decision is made though.

That being said, hopefully Chatwood spins a gem tonight with minimal walks!

Be sure to comment and tell me what you think!

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