What’s going on with Dexter Fowler?

After coming off a career year for Fowler, he has struggled big time in his second season with the Cardinals. Fowler slashing line is .172/.274/.285 at the moment, which is not good at all, especially since we’re only a month away from the All-Star break. Fowler has been for the majority of the season the Cardinals starting Right-fielder, but as of late the Cardinals have been sitting Fowler because of his offensive struggles.

The Cardinals signed the former Chicago Cubs Center-Fielder to a 5 year,$82.5 Million deal back on December 9th, 2016. There is a lot of speculation that his poor play is because of the huge contract he just signed, but that theory doesn’t make much sense, especially since his first year in the contract he had a career year in RBI’s and Home runs.

It’s hard to see Fowler as the starting Right-Fielder going on if he continues to struggle offensively, The Cardinals went out and acquired Marcell Ozuna from the Marlins this past off-season , then you have Pham in centerfield, and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Then you have Fowler, Bader, and O’Neill. Fowler is for sure looking like the odd man out in that stacked outfield.

I really do believe Fowler will turn it around, I wouldn’t start freaking out just yet Cardinals fans, as the the weather keeps heating up, so will Fowler!

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