Is Charlie Culberson the Most Clutch Hitter Ever?

Short answer? Yes.

If you would have told me 3 months ago that I would be writing a Charlie Culberson blog in 2018, I would have called a mental institution and had you committed. But here we are, talking Charlie Fucking Culberson in 2018.

Can we also talk about how Charlie Culberson has the most generic “white baseball player” face of all time?

So there’s this graphic going around that proves my point of him being in the conversation for best clutch hitter of all time, but you’ll see that in a minute. Charlie has a career .234/.277/.336 slash line, dating back to his debut in 2012 with the Giants and he has a career -1.2 WAR. Not great. Here’s where the weirdness comes into play: of his 8 career homeruns, 4 of them have been walkoffs.

That is an absolutely astounding and absurd graphic. It makes no sense. The guy has no power, has been a flat out bad career hitter, but he seems to step up in the big moments. I’m officially issuing the nickname “Charlie Clutch” for him, so please refer to him as Charlie Clutch from this moment forward.

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