What’s going on with the Cubs?

First off, I believe the Cubs will be fine but I’m here to address some of the concerns some of you fans have. The Cubs have now lost 5 straight games on this 7 game road trip. The worst part about the losing streak is that the Cubs got swept in a 5 game series by the Cincinnati Reds. The Cubs were a season high 13 games over .500 before the road series started and now there back to 8 games over and 2.5 games out of first place in the division.

The Cubs offense has been horrible as of late, it’s frustrating to see since we know how good this offense can be. It also sucks to see when by far the Cubs most consistent hitter doesn’t get to play everyday. It’s really weird to say, but this Cubs team has lost its power. Baez,Rizzo and Schwarber are the only Cubs hitters that are in the double digits club in home runs. Contreras and Bryant have seemed to forget how to hit the ball out of the park. I’m sure this hitting slump will end soon.

Yu Darvish had his first Rehab start this week with the South Bend Cubs. Darvish went 5 innings while only throwing 57 pitches, there is no way to hide it but the Cubs really need Darvish back. He is a big piece in that Cubs starting rotation and we will be huge when he comes back.

The Cubs bullpen hasn’t been the same bullpen we have been accustomed to seeing as of late but once the bullpen gets healthy, everything will get better. The Cubs offense will eventually break free again and the rotation will get going again once Darvish is back, let’s hope all of this happens soon.

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