The Syracuse Chiefs’ Thought “Christmas in July Jerseys” Would Be Cool — They Weren’t.


Puke. I hate this move. First off, it is July. If you’re thinking of Christmas in the middle of summer, you should probably book the first flight to Antarctica and live your sorry Christmas wishing ass in the frozen tundra. At the start of the game yesterday, the weather in Syracuse was a warm 80 degrees Fahrenheit (no Celsius, this is America.) If you can’t enjoy 80 degrees at the ballpark without thinking of hot chocolate and Christmas carols, you don’t deserve to live here. Summer is by far the best season. You got baseball, the lake, beaches, hot dogs, and so much more. You know what you don’t have during Christmas season? Baseball, the lake, beaches, hot dogs, and so much more.

I find it truly fitting that the Chiefs got their shit rocked 11-1 to the Louisville Bats while wearing these ridiculous jerseys. If you’re going to wear some sort of promotional jersey, you should probably at least be competitive during the game.

Syracuse Chiefs…please do better next time.

E3RK0Jb.jpg(taken from Reddit user u/entenduintransit)

Looks like not too many people wanted to celebrate Christmas in July last night.



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