The Fight for the NL Central.

The St.Louis Cardinals seem to be unstoppable as of late, if you would of told me a month ago that the Cardinals had a chance to be the best team in the National League by the end of the season, I would of laughed at you. Here are the standings in the NL Central as of today.

Chicago Cubs- 72-53

St.Louis Cardinals- 71-57, 2.5 GB.

Milwaukee Brewers- 71-58, 3 GB.

Pittsburgh Pirates- 63-65, 10.5 GB.

Cincinnati Reds- 56-71, 17 GB.

The Cardinals are 8-2 in their last 10 games, they are also riding a 3 game win streak after sweeping the Dodgers out in LA. Which is quite impressive, not many teams from the NL Central or the NL East can go out and sweep a team on the west coast.

We can’t forget about the Brewers, they’re only 3 games back of the Cubs, they could easily make a run to win the Central as well. It just seems more likely it’s going to come down to the Cardinals and Cubs to take the NL Central crown.

The Cubs went out and acquired power hitting Daniel Murphy from the Nationals this week, but the Cardinals also made a move acquiring Matt Adams from the Nationals as well. Those are both huge moves for both teams, it gives both teams at huge bat in their lineups.

The Cardinals and Cubs have been total opposites when it comes to pitching. The Cubs have a great bullpen, with a shaky starting rotation. It’s the total opposite for the Cardinals. They have a great young starting rotation with a very shaky bullpen that has been better as of late.

Keep your eye on the NL Central this next month, it’s going to be some fun baseball to watch as these 3 teams face off for the NL Central crown and a wild card spot even, It has a 2015 feeling to it!

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