deGrom Should Have Been Unanimous, but John Maffei Stands By His Vote

Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom had a historically great season, setting the record for most consecutive starts allowing 3 or fewer runs. He was a shoo in for NL Cy Young, and he won it with 29 out of 30 1st Place votes. But I want to take a second to be furious about the MLB giving John Maffei of the San Diego Tribune a vote.

Maffei voted deGrom 2nd in the Cy Young vote, which is a decision he stands by. His reasoning? deGrom didn’t have enough wins, of course! It’s the year of our lord 2018, and this fucking guy still uses pitcher wins as his most reliant stat. To quote him from his article in the Tribune, “DeGrom had a fantastic season and the Mets did a great job sending out his facts and figures. Obviously, a 1.70 ERA over 217 innings is a fabulous accomplishment. But he had 10 wins and nine losses.” I mean, come on. THATS your reasoning? GTFO and please take his vote away, MLB.

People with this mindset are bad for baseball. It’s plain and simple. The game has evolved and passed them by, and while this vote didn’t really have any impact on a legacy, imagine if this was the deciding vote? A legacy could be ruined because a guy thinks pitcher wins is still a valid stat in 2018. It’s unacceptable that a guy who gives this reasoning still gets to vote on real awards. And trust me, there will be a similar follow up piece when the Hall of Fame votes come out and there are no fewer than 5 old white men with terrible ballots.

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